Tracy's Blues live video/N1M reviews

The Third International Songs / Tracy's Blues (Live at the Darress)

Excellent review

 For a live recording this is killer. The sound quality is great and the performance is top shelf. Love the song, would pay to see this band perform and would buy a CD if they put one out. I am trying to find some sort of constructive criticism to offer, to help improve, but frankly this is just one killer track. 

Reviewed by Zuzu Welsh Band Advanced on Dec 30 
United States, North Carolina, Asheville

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Have you got it yet? (it reminds me of)

 Perhaps takes a little long to get to the 'song', but then maybe Jaco was not mainstream? We get our inspiration from many different places. This reminds me of times long ago. But that was what Jaco was; long ago. If we keep being inspired then maybe these names wont have to die?

Reviewed by Mark Warren Beginner on Dec 21 
United States, Washington, Everett

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Tracy's Bluues(Live at the Darress

 Congrats on such a great tune.First I'd say tune floats.Very dreamy slow build intro.Nonchalant singing which serve the tune very well.Simple guitar solo.What more do you need folks.NOTHING.Again as I've said great song worth CHECKING.CHEERS

Reviewed by Igor Memisevic Advanced on Mar 12 
Netherlands, Rotterdam

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Tangerine Dream

 Great mix, nice arrangement. Good story . . excellent live performance. Love to see these folks live! Well done! Great bass player. . . . good vocals!

Reviewed by JIM DIAMOND Beginner on Feb 09 
United States, Kentucky, Bowling Green

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 hi very cool the song like your work keep the good work nice to meet you like the stile of the music i will enjoy more times this song it a good time listen this keep rocking

Reviewed by shadows of luna Advanced on Feb 09 
Portugal, lisboa sintra

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Tracy's Blues ( Live at the Darress ) by The Third International

 Tracy's Blues ( Live at the Darress ) by The Third International does not sound live. It sounds like it was recorded in a great studio, the sound is superb. The intro entices the ear into the smoothness that soon arrives. The vocals are very much reminiscent of Robin Trower, very nice and moody!! The tune is a good length, long enough to evoke feeling but not too overdrawn. Very good recording and musicianship! I would see The Third International at first chance.

Reviewed by Pipapelli Beginner on Feb 09 
United States, North Carolina, Lake Toxaway

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tracys blues

 well ilke Im trying to say its deep and wide very great job. off the beaten path the way music should be belongs to its maker till given to hes lover deep

Reviewed by Andy Stice Beginner on Feb 06 
United States, Alabama, Ashland

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I like this song!

 Very intriguing intro! Nice body of music, great tempo. I loved the lyrics, singer has nice voice and presentation. Guitar riffs are well executed. Overall great piece of work! Rock on!

Reviewed by Davida Jackson Beginner on Feb 04 
United States, Florida, Navarre

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Tracy's Blues

 well you almost lost me with that intro..It's too long and disconnected. Would I call it alternative - not really. This one feels like a straight forward blues, country blues ballad. If it is indeed a live recording it is pretty well done and has a studio feel. The vocal is pretty good. The overall musicianship is excellent. Overall a very good job

Reviewed by The Flammable Mammals Advanced on Jan 24 
United States, Minnesota, HIllman

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Deceiving Sound

 For the first few minutes I wasnt sure if Iiked it or not...however once the intro was done the song opened up on a whole new level that was totally enjoyable to listen too! This has the potential to be a great blues track...but in my opinion the instrumental start is a big road block....most listeners will listen for an average of 30sec before subconciously deciding to keep listening or not....I would remove the intro honestly as the rest of the song..melody, lyrics etc are well put together...overall well written and great music!!

Reviewed by Seren Skies Advanced on Jan 2015 
Australia, Bundaberg

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Live Blues at it's finest!

 I absolutely love the song save for the extremely long introduction that felt more ambient and experimental than blues. I think it ran almost two minutes. That would be cool if it was a guitar solo. Nothing else but good vibes from the music and haunting vocals! Nice Work Mi Amigo!!!!

Reviewed by Orchestrated Destruction Band Beginner on Jan 2015 
United States, Virginia, Richmond

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Jazzy Music, Mellow mood.

 I will admit, the song starts off shaky, i'm nervous about how it will continue. Two minutes in, and I am deeply impressed. heartfelt Jazz with drums, and sentimental lyrics and a beautiful style. equipped with guitar and rhythm, the song gets moving.It has a nice New Jersey feel and definitely reminded me of the Palisades Parkway and the Hudson River, along with Ft. Lee. Definite Appeal. Nice touch with the ode to 9/11 and the sentimentality of New York and the City. Begins to drag on a little , but very listenable and quite a track. 

Reviewed by Emcee Unknoen Beginner on Jan 2015 
United States, Florida, Kissimmee

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Beautiful Melody

 I love the melody in your piece. The song is very tranquil and relaxing. The introduction is so ambient yet dramatic at the same time. Very creative, I'm a little iffy on the lyrics though, I feel you could have done a little better on the arrangement and word selection. It's a great piece, overall, I just suggest a little more thought in your lyrics. Good luck to you!

Reviewed by Rubi Fyre Beginner on Jan 2015 
United States, Georgia, Athens

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Tracy's Blues

 A Very interesting introduction, I wasn't sure what too expect. It reminds me a little of Pink Floyd meets... Phil Collins. The outtro was interesting, I would say the composers of this particular song were influenced by Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and Genesis. I like it.

Reviewed by PianniX Beginner on Jan 2015 
Australia, Adelaide

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Tracy's Blues

 If I'm being honest I can do without the rather long intro that didn't do anything for me. That being said once it got into the actual song I was feeling it. I write a lot of Blues songs and from a traditional blues standpoint I'm not sure it qualifies as true blues but it definitely has a strong blues quality to it and is worth listening to. It is a sad and touching number and I would listen to more of their music and the fact that it was recorded live was a real bonus. I love the sound of a live performance coming from a background where we were always doing live shows. I think it adds a better listening experience. All in all great song.

Reviewed by David Virgil Beginner on Jan 2015 
United States, Hawaii, Guam not Hawaii

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Tracey s blues

 This long intro that began more like a metallica sound more than blues with music that contains an array of musical instruments Then this song finally breaks in with that drum roll and blues guitar strum accompanied by the deep lyrical vocal drawl of the vocalist " spent the last ten years or so ambling down this crooked road willy nilly " This vocal intro reveals an upto date blues song with relevant lyrical material content associating current affairs and highlighting issues that we can all relate with that have taken place and other struggles that continue everyday The Third Internationals song Tracy's Blues has a lot of milage and a song i feel would sound even better studio recorded and mastered Robert Smith 

Reviewed by Robert Smith Beginner on Jan 2015 
United Kingdom, Sheffield UK

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Tracy's Blues by The Third International.

 Hi - As an artist I don't normally write reviews. They are at best a subjective perspective on a piece of art. I have been a member of N1M for 3 months now and this song surprised me in a good way. The song has a lot going for it. Good content and feeling. I felt the bass intro was a little long and some of the harmonics were slightly off key but overall I enjoyed the journey. It helps when you have good vocals and a positive delivery. I would love to hear the song with real drums which would help take it to the next level.

Reviewed by Dharmy Beginner on Jan 2015 
United States, California, Topanga

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 This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard! Seriously, sincerely fantastic. I hear the Jaco, Floyd, Dire Straights that others mention in other reviews with an almost Bob Dylan style enunciation in the vocals as well. I think it's great. Written very well, dynamics are awesome, the playing ability and tone from all the players is masterful. This band is full of heavy hitters and top notch players. Personally I dig the intro, my first reaction was that it was a bit long but upon second time hearing I loved the transition b/t intro and remaining 4 minutes of tune (and a two minute jaco style intro never hurt weather report). Yeah I'm hella impressed and hope to hear you guys on public radio or see on austin city limits sometime soon. Amazing. Gonna check out other stuff you guys have on this site now.

Reviewed by Protruding Mannequins Beginner on Jan 2015 
United States, Nevada, las vegas

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it has that 70's heart feel so i like it alot

 I like the mystical music and I like the singers approach the thing I would warn this band when you are putting up live stuff remember if you want to gain new fans edit the beginning so its not so long til you get to the song, a long opening like that for fans would be ok, but you could potentially lose alot of new fans.

Reviewed by michael blaney Beginner on Jan 2015 
United States, California, Oakland

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Pastorious meets Phish.

 Can hear the beauty of Jaco Pastorius' Portrait of Tracy, though Jaco's not tagged. Initially I thought this was a problem, until the shift in the song. The singer is soulful and his ability live (along with the rest of the band) is impressive. It is smooth, even Phish-like in some of its adventurous instrumentation. The thing I think this song is missing is either an instrumental or sang hook. I've listened all the way through, but the only hook I remember is Jaco's...

Reviewed by Zander Sharp Beginner on Jan 2015 
United Kingdom, Oxford

Tracy's Review

 I Love Alternative Music. This has Blues and Jazz mixed!! Very Original! Great Sound Live. This Has Beautiful chord changes and guitar. SharBaby

Reviewed by SharBaby & Friends Advanced on Jan 2015 
United States, Alabama, Birmingham

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 This Is extremely well composed and written. It's like a dire straits/pink Floyd kind of sound. I am actually in my bed and closed my eyes while listening to it. I think the vocals fit nice to this sound. It's a well done piece that doesn't need any helpful criticism cause it's perfect all around. Enjoyed it very much and will be listening as well as sharing it. xox

Reviewed by Christina Haywood Beginner on Jan 2015 
Canada, Alberta, Clyde

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