The August Single (2012)

Chemical Eyes

Third International


What can I say? We need to pay attention. What is peddled as fact very often is nothing more than a sketchy opinion, powered by a hidden agenda. Sound bite pseudo science doesn't cut it and maybe we are on a fast road to hell. Maybe not. Maybe we are trying to do things to help our planet that actually have no effect and harm ourselves.

So Chemical Eyes is about that. The social engineering politiicans are on drugs, the intellectual cadre in our houses of learning are freely accepting  plentiful grants to study the agenda (providing the predetermined conclusion is approved), and bureaucrats everywhere get to charge huge fees for redistributing wealth and creating industries that only work if they are subsidized. Meanwhile we keep breeding like rabbits and depleting out natural resources, chopping down the rain forests to plant soybeans, over fishing our oceans, and wrecking our soil by over farming it.


                                                CHEMICAL EYES


Among the juggernauts and bankers

The clowns who play their parts

Are merely actors in this photoplay of life

Philosophers and reapers

Of the benefits we give

They are the keepers of our days and of our time

But we are one

In our decision

We’re apt to take these wings and learn to fly

It’s come undone

Your religion

Chemical Eyes


Take away the riches

Stake and burn like witches

Any dissident who dares to call you out

Sweeping appropriations

From the church that is all nations

From your ivory towers I hear the learned shout


It is on you lips

The Inconvenient Truth

It sits outside

Come undone

Your religion

Chemical Eyes