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Artist: The Third International

Album: Beautiful Accident

Review by Nick DeRiso



This is a different kind of blues record, one with a joltingly modern menace.  The Third International’s Beautiful Accident brilliantly updates a time-weathered genre by focusing on texture as much as lyrical content.  In fact, sometimes the words are simply enveloped by the rising rabble of crunchy R&B riffs, prog-rock influenced song structures and pounding rhythms.

That starts with the spooky shamble of “The Timekeeper’s Waltz.”  With its echoing, loony-bin beat and a chorus of smeared instruments, the track sounds like Gregg Rolie playing a house gig on an outbound spaceship.  Altoist Ian McDonald, a founding member of King Crimson, finally soars out of the din, only to be overtaken by a volcanic series of guitar blurts from Pearson.  Meanwhile, drummer Nick DiFrisco (David Sanborn, Hiram Bullock) and bassist Bill Foster (Billy Cobham, Larry Coryell) sound so expansive, it’s like they are smashing their instruments against the wall.


Pearson perhaps wisely downshifts into “Amsterdam,” which opens with the dim atmosphere of a doob-rock fever-dream, highlighted by a whispery vocal and a paranoid lyric.  He is singing like a caged animal, like everything is coming out through clinched teeth.  He breaks the tension, for a time, by clicking into a tough new rhythm on the chorus, and McDonald flutters out with a twinkling turn on the flute.  But the verse finds Pearson descending back down into a determined grind, like an old blues record slowing to a stop on a turntable after the lights go out.  That sets up well for “Criminal Cool,” which has the kind of insistent groove associated with north Mississippi roots legend Junior Kimbrough, something far away from the convoluted acoustic picking of the Delta.  Like a rising summer storm, the tune begins as a far off flash of light, then builds into a thunderous assault.  This direful, relentless vibe fits perfectly with the lyric, a scorching indictment of white-collar scoundrels and our society’s penchant for seeing them as something other than common crooks.


“The Son of Jacob Mallett,” if anything, pushes the pedal even further down.  Perhaps the most propulsive track on Beautiful Accident, this track features Foster and DiFrisco working in a foundation-cracking synchronicity.  They smash and wail like turning tires and pumping pistons, as Pearson works the edges of the tune on guitar.  His vocal goes deeper and darker, until it’s almost lost in the mix.  Soon, all that’s left is that titanic groove.  “In the Garden of the Long Pig” holds a similar lyrical mystery, as it rises up like a morning fog.  Pearson picks through a series of swampy excursions for more than a minute and a half before starting the lyric.  This time, he steps closer to the mic, singing with a naked intensity.  Exactly what he’s talking about, however, is another riddle.  The white man’s lie of manifest destiny? Our curious insistence on “saving” native cultures from their own traditions?  No matter.  Pearson sells the song’s dingy portent through a memorably gruff delivery, conveying both a sense of narrative pathos and of looming despair.


A mechanistic progressive-rock flavor surrounds “Penitentiary,” made complete by Pearson’s ominous synthesized flourishes.  He draws a devastating connection between those damaged by every-day life and those looking out from inside prison bars, before the tune moves even further outside of blues convention courtesy of a soaring duet between Pearson and McDonald.  Working in brilliant tandem, with McDonald again on sax, their squalling, emotive asides underscore how enclosed, and enraged, the heartbroken can feel.


Beautiful Accident closes with “The Reprise,” a lengthy excursion that again gives Pearson’s rough-edged next-gen blues outfit a chance to musically explore this world’s sudden twists of fate.  The song, like much of Pearson’s terrific new release, musically mimics those surprises, conveying all of the hopelessness as well as the radiant anger associated with such things. Until the very end, Pearson and Co. play with a fierceness and brutal honesty that could peel the paint off St. Peter’s gate, making Beautiful Accident sound like anything but.



Review by Nick DeRiso

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)



The Third International, Beautiful Accident 

June 22, 2011

After a long hiatus from music, Andrew Pearson has exploded back on the scene with the release of Beautiful Accident—seven hypnotic tracks of atmospheric soundscapes, vast musicality and underlying stories. The album is touted as “blues for the modern man” but with so many genres being tapped simultaneously, this one is tough to hang a yoke around. Think the urgency of progressive rock guitar, intermittent jazz instrumentation and catchy R&B grooves all piped through deliberate lyrical subject matter.

The album opens to “The Timekeeper’s Waltz” with its intermittent guitar riff work and agro tempo from the rhythm section and the constant bluesy notes from Ian McDonald’s alto sax. Pearson channels Widespread’s John Bell in a raspy vocal delivery of mortality contemplating lyrical matter. “Amsterdam” gives way from the upbeat rock to downbeat tension track. The dark backdrop amongst which the whispered rasp lyrics are cast upon make the track sound like a “Traffic meets a Tom Waits’ tune.” Again McDonald shines in this one with this flute bouncing around Pearson’s vocals. Blues riffs dictate “Criminal Cool” with its exploratory effort into the advent of gangster praise. Bent note squeaks and slide riffs prevail just below the foreground and again sounds like it could be track number five on a Widespread Panic album. The guitar shines throughout this track for sure. “In the Garden of the Long Pig” opens to sound effects before caving to more blues-laden guitar plucks that build in crescendo into the lead. While there isn’t as much instrumentation inundating this track the mellow groove carries the listener through from its inception to the gradual fade.

Again, the instrumentation throughout the seven tracks is at times hypnotic and at others big and vast. The myriad of styles represented from start to finish reveal a variety of influences and genre borrowing and truly makes it widely approachable. The caliber of musicianship once melded with the clever nature of the lyrical matter just makes this one very complete album. Very, very interested in seeing where exactly Pearson’s new project takes him. And while I wouldn’t call this “blues” per se; I am completely comfortable saying that this is an album for the “thinking man.”  

by Chris West

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The Third International are a bit hard to describe, but in general those with a taste for music that takes it's time getting there and doesn't follow conventional patterns, then this would be a good act to try out.

Odd, intoxicating moods take songs such as "The Timekeeper's Waltz" and the 10 minute epic "The Reprise" into realms of almost Grateful Dead-type tripiness. That's not to say that The Third International sound anything like The Dead, but the spirit and vibe are there. Guitars, bass and well-placed sax all have their share in the music and the vocals are restrained and sometimes treated in a foggy mix.

It's all very well done and quite interesting with something of a live feel, that no doubt would lead to a cool concert experience. "Penitentiary" has a psychedelic, bluesy haze about it, though there are some lively, Jazzy and even Pink Floyd-esque sections. The Third International are well worth investigating.




Third International – Entre Las Americas 

By Michael Rand  //  Reviews  //  0 Comments

Third International – Entre Las Americanas

Written by Rory Richardson edited by Michael Rand 

Overall Rating: 7/10

This is Third Internationals second release to date entitled “Entre Las America” released in 2012 and certainly does not disappoint. Venture to the internet – it will reveal this is one artist (Andrew Pearson) who takes his songwriting craft pretty seriously.  A guitarist for nearly 30 years, he has performed with numerous greats over the years. Now on his own via this project: Third International he brings his expertise along with several impressive session players like himself: Andrew Pearson (Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Vocals, Electronic Percussion, and Sampling, Bill Foster (Bass),AdrianHarpham (Drums), and Dave Eggar (Cello).

The opening track “Ellis Island” sets the stage perfectly for this CD. It was a great intro piece that stuck in my head and had me eager for what was ahead. All in all the whole CD (presented as musical themes) is brilliantly delivered with dark and foreboding musical textures and flowing compositions that covers allot of ground. Musical overtones reminded me a bit of the usual suspects: Peter Gabriel, ELP, Yes, and Van Der Graaf Generator. and many more guitar greats out there I need not mention. There are some fantastic pieces on this CD which gives this musical production a very accessible feel full of mystery.  Pearson’s guitar playing is brilliant and I would describe his style as filled with musical indulgence and experience. Favorite piece on the CD is a toss up between “Living on the Sun” and ‘Sunday Morning in theMission.”  

CD is a bit short with only 8 songs.

If there was one word I would use to describe Third International it would be diversified. This CD will simply make your day more entertaining, but beware Third International is one artists not so easily pinned down comparable to a musical chameleon. It’s a musical experience you will return to again and again – picking out something you may have missed the first time.



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on 2012-06-21 Michael_Morrison Said:

Most would agree most popular artists out there have something truly special to give to their fans. This goes above the typical attributes like raw talent, amazing songs, nice voice, or even a very marketable look, sound and image. There's something truly infectious at the core of these artists that simply makes us feel good when we listen to them. Whatever "it" is - they all seem to have "it".

Today I listened to the latest CD from Third International featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Andrew Pearson (Entre Las Americas – 2012). From start to finish this CD from TI is very pleasurable and entertaining. It has a very melodic, catchy marketable progressive-pop rock feel to it and even dabbles in Alternative Rock. Any fans of any of these musical styles will enjoy this latest release from Third International. It's clearly marketed for those who like a male singer front with a mystique of say Radiohead, Yes and even some Tool. I get the impression Pearson and company are rolling with what they know as performers and songwriters within all these songs. In other words they hit the mark remarkably well by just being who they are. Favorite tracks include (Ellis Island), (Mexico) and (Toys). All songs strike the perfect balance between rock, alternative rock and progressive singer/songwriter pop. The songwriting is impressive and digs a bit deeper than the next Independent Artist. Within each one of these songs Pearson bares his soul and delivers pure musical mojo. I will add Mr. Pearson can play the guitar quite well and reminds me of Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd). He plays and sings with much in the way of passion and precision. Playing from other band members is spot on and just makes the whole CD even more enjoyable. The overall vibe of the production is very melodic, progressive and unpredictable. I also enjoyed the whole underlying theme of the production as well - very much like a Robert Ludlum spy novel.

In close Entre Las Americas by Third International fronted my musical mastermind Andrew Pearson is extremely compelling and fascinating. Once again I'm not so sure what "it" is but Andrew Pearson and Third International have whatever "it" may be.

Michael Morrison

(UK) West Lothian, Scotland


Genre: Rock
Label: Paracelsus
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1. Chemical Eyes
2. Good Friday at Little Rock


Third International
Chemical Eyes

Andrew Pearson has released albums in the past with the rest of the outfit, Third International, but on these two tracks, decides going solo is best for interpretation purposes. Both tracks are cloaked with social and political influences (heck, the name of the band itself is political in nature), and have real meaning.

“Chemical Eyes” speaks of how political and religious leaders are only actors in this game of life. We, as humanity, should learn to function and think without being puppets, without being told how to think. The inspiration for the chord changes during the lead in are from a trip in a cab Pearson once took in which the driver couldn’t keep a steady pace. It provides a neat hook that makes the listener want to hear where the song takes them. This song has a sort of spacey, acid rock feel. The only complaint I have is sometimes Pearson’s voice gets lost in the cool music, and on a song with a message, I’d like to hear it all.

“Good Friday at Little Rock” definitely has more of a bluesy vibe, with a low beat and nice guitar work. The song was originally written as a poem in 1996 and won a New York Times award. It talks about how Little Rock isn’t a money hungry place to be, there’s not a problem with overcrowding, and just in general, the laidback feel to the place. It’s a cool, funky track.

This two track combination provides a different flavor of music than you usually hear in rock. It’s a little spacey, a little funky, fresh, and dirty at the same time. It sends out a message, and I’m always a fan of music that makes you think. I’ll definitely be checking out some more of Third International’s music.


Christen LaFond

October 23, 2012


"Third International's new video for "Amsterdam (Live)" is SO far out yet it is SO in the moment." (Jimmy Rae, Skope Entertainment Inc.)

"Welcome to "Amsterdam" where the mood is mellow, the morale is deep and the scenery is trippy." (Jimmy Rae, Skope Entertainment Inc.)

"Andrew Pearson & company are taking from the psychedelic rock legends Pink Floyd and adding their own Third International-kind-of twist to the whole thing." (Jimmy Rae, Skope Entertainment Inc.)

Skope Entertainment Inc

Third International, IDES

December 23, 2013
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The politically & socially-conscious unit Third International is back with their first ever live production titled ‘IDES’.  Fronted by songsmith Andrew Pearson, the new release features four songs along with an “Intro” (“Criminal Cool”) & outro theme (“Letter to a Muse”).  ‘IDES’ was filmed and recorded on March 15th, 2013 at Pearson’s newly renovated Calicut Studios in New Jersey.  Besides recording & producing the in-studio videos, Pearson also handles vocals, guitars & synthesizers.  The Third International lineup also includes: Bill Foster on bass & Derek McKenzie on drums and this current project also added two new additions: Enrique Mancia on bass & Jun Nishijima on drums.  Together, Third International is making studio magic with IDES where you’re getting one cool jam session that is in the zone!

The four tracks include: “Timekeeper’s Waltz”, “Amsterdam”, “Living on the Sun” and “Caudillo” and they are all featured on previous albums.  “Timekeeper’s Waltz” & “Amsterdam” are included on the record ‘Beautiful Accident’ and “Living on the Sun” & “Caudillo” are part of the album ‘Entre Las Americas’ (  But the beauty of ‘IDES’ is that Third International recorded & filmed these songs live at Pearson’s Calicut Studios breathing new & invigorating life into the numbers.  I have to say that watching these performances on DVD really added a whole new dimension to the Third International aura.  The visual element seemed to further enhance the listening experience by appealing to all senses.  You don’t just get to hear Andrew’s piercing, deep ‘n’ direct lyrics but you can see him sing the lines complete with dark ‘n’ stylish sunglasses.   And you don’t just hear those killer guitar riffs & chords but you can now see the mighty guitar in all its glory with Andrew Pearson playin’ his heart out! 

IDES ( excerpts from the DVD )

The video starts out with a perfect “Into” that really gets the viewer pumped up early on and interested to see what’s coming up next.  On the song “Amsterdam”, one will hear an extremely trippy, slow and melodic sound with guitar playing that will put you in a trance.  On this track, I can’t help but think of the masters of the slowed-down tempo Pink Floyd where Third International is definitely incorporating a bit of that Pink Floyd style.  On top of that, Third International utilizes other famous elements from the likes of Pink Floyd, which includes a progressive, psychedelic sound.  Besides that, the audience will also hear elements of: blues, alternative & indie rock along with some highly poetic lyrics from Pearson that would make Bob Dylan proud.  One of my favorite performances on ‘IDES’ has to be “Living on the Sun” due to the fact that the song had such an infectious beat & rhythm.  Additionally, this track had a bass line that was simply on fire and the overall playing was in sync.  “Living on the Sun”, to me, seemed to have that special quality & certain something where you could really sense a deep connection being made both musically & artistically between all members of Third International.  I personally loved how ‘IDES’ ended the DVD with the outro “Letter to a Muse” because the group set the tone and the mood through the music being played in the background and the powerful image of the guitar.  The guitar just sitting there on display as the main star with smoke rising up above it gave off a very mystic vibe and proved to be visually stunning.  

So in the end, the man behind Third International who gave you “Acid Swamp” and thought-provoking lyrics continues to bring the noise on ‘IDES’.  The actual release date for this project is set for none other than Christmas day, so Merry Christmas indeed to Third International and all their fans!  This will be available to purchase very soon as a DVD/CD combo pack and one that should definitely be in your collection.  So be on the lookout for that as I highly recommend Third International’s ‘IDES’; you won’t be disappointed.  All of the hard work in the studio comes alive on ‘IDES’ where Third International captured live magic on film.  And don’t forget to check out the YouTube video for excerpts from the live/in-studio DVD right here! 

5/5 Skopes


Skope Reviews Third International ‘Live at the Darress’ Promo

This will be the fifth article I’ve had the pleasure of writing for the group The Third International going back to 2012. From then to now, The Third International has not missed a beat and continues to rejuventate the music scene. With creative juices flowing and in full effect, The Third International has released a Promo DVD that is sure to attract attention as the disc is a sign of great things to come. This production was recorded live at the Darress Theatre in Boonton, NJ on October 18, 2014 where you could say lightning in a bottle was captured on this day.

The main force behind The Third International is Andrew Pearson who created a world that is both visually and musically appealing on this DVD. Pearson is responsible for the vocals, guitar parts, synthesizers and looping where he puts his unique twist on each and every song/video. Two other band members that helped bring this work of musical art to life include: Szabolcs Szenasi on drums, percussion & samplers and Enrique Mancia on bass & Moog. ‘Live at the Darress’ may just be an industry demo that’s not available to the public BUT this Live production serves as a valuable precursor to what lies ahead for The Third International. As far as what this Live DVD is all about, Andrew Pearson explains why it’s so beneficial and important to The Third International as they march forward. “The band is starting a residency in Bergenfield, NJ at a place called Tommy Fox’s and we hope to get people out to see us on a regular basis and build the following. We are playing the second Friday of every month starting on September 11th, and plan on bringing the whole audio/visual presentation into a relatively small (150 capacity ) room. That’s basically our M.O. Bring the theatre/concert presentation, and the studio audio, into an intimate setting and set the place on fire. This is a forum for us to showcase the band for college music directors, agents, reviewers, management and radio, as a precursor to serious touring,” (Pearson). So, the true essence of The Third International approach is to hit you from all angles with visuals that will make your eyes dance and tunes that will make you stop, think and move. With catchy hooks, insanely original material and deep-rooted imagery & lyrics, ‘Live at the Darress’ is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.


Right away when I pushed Play, I couldn’t help but notice that the mood was set for the entire night with perfect stage lighting and eye-grabbing video images in the background. Not to mention the smoke machines were filling the air creating the ultimate Third International experience! Andrew’s blazing guitar solos are heard throuhout the set as he masters the strings and sets the tone. Many of the songs/videos I heard contained hypnotic grooves that stuck to you like Gorilla Glue. For example, “Tracy’s Blues” is a powerful potion of blues & pure emotion that hits you like a ton of bricks. Rolling along, a stand-out track/video would be “It Wakes, The Morning” that was inspired by a trip to the capital city of Istanbul, Turkey. The song/video signifies that feel of East meets West where that sense of real comraderie is heard loud & clear. “It Wakes, The Morning” offers inspriring and truthful concepts about living as One that we desperately need today. Time to Wake up and see the Morning in a different light with the help of The Third International. And be sure to SKOPE out the official YouTube video for “It Wakes, The Morning” RIGHT HERE:

On the song/video, “Toys”, you get a real mover complete with funky bass lines that most certainly has fun and plays with your ear drums. I was even getting a little bit of a Who/Roger Daltrey influence from Pearson at times both musically & vocally. On “Formaldehyde”, you’ll hear a rockin’ gem that stands out and you can listen to this cool ‘n’ hip song right here! The overall vibe on this Live DVD definitely includes heavy elements of Indie and Alternative Rock & Psychedelic Rock where I couldn’t help but think of Pink Floyd, the masters of the slowed-down tempos. The Third International was without question tapping into a Pink Floyd-like atmosphere but done in a whole new way that is freshly inventive. The approach is killer and The Third International exerience is dynamite as ‘Live at the Darress” is a sure-fire hit!

With a new album in the works called ‘One Boy’s Life in Vertical Illusion’, Andrew Pearson himself excitedly proclaimed that “the quality has reached a whole new level”. With that statement, I can’t wait to see and hear what tricks Andrew & company have under their sleeves. If ‘Live at the Darress’ is an early indicator of what’s to come from The Third International Wheel of Quality then prepare to be amazed & blown away!



5 Skopes

By Jimmy Rae + (



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