Lyrics of O.B.L.I.V.I.O.N.



I’ve got a million different things to say

If the words I made

Are what you’d hear

I’ve got a thousand different tales to tell

You know so well

You hold dear


And there’s a circle in the spire

Truth inside the liar

As he sees it

And there is fortune in the fate

As we stare at the gate

Of the Helix


There’s a myriad of worthless deeds

Barren seeds

On fallow ground

There’s a multitude of human needs

On which we feed

Lost and Found

There are lifetimes full of hours lost

You count the cost

As slow as moss

A quiet sound


There’s a window in the wall

Through which we see it all

Take it or leave it

 And there is silence in the night

When you turn out the light

Of the Helix                


                        LAY DOWN

You can wish and you can wonder

Where it all went wrong

Tear it all asunder

Put it in a song

Your fortunes they are broken

Your wishes turned to woes

Your heart was just a token

But that’s how it….. that’s how it goes


Lay down, lay down


And so we watched the sunrise

From a field of morning dew

The light it played in your eyes

The strangest hue

Melancholy moments

On our trip towards the sea

The future watching closely over you and me


Lay down, lay down


            DO IT OVER


I wish that I could be there when they’re calling out my name

I know that if I leave here I will never be the same

I wish that I could see her and tell her one last time

The things that we both hold dear drive me out my mind


Terra cotta statues join the human race

I feel that I don’t know you, I feel so out of place

I think I’m losing touch now with the reason I am here

Maybe it’s bad luck now to claim the big idea


And do it over again

Do it over


Dizzy spells adjusted for the drugs I cannot take

I don’t have the mustard, I’m fragile, I might break

Caught in cosmic limbo with a stranger at my door

Platitudes are shallow clamouring for more


To do it over again

Do it over




I just wouldn’t make it

I just couldn’t do it if I tried

I just could not be him

If I said I could then it’s a lie

Suggestion of convention

Slips me out my skin and makes me laugh

I can’t take the pressure

You can take the measure with this barograph


If you can see the future

Why don’t you program this computer here for me

How come you’re so special

Call out every little thing you see

Eat it, call it ownership

Defines every single thought you have

I can’t take the pressure

You can take the measure with this barograph


                ANCESTOR DANCE


Charcoal in a pit by you

Remnants of the morning

Sacrific’d the soul we did too

For our fickle yearnings

Born on gilded wings as in a trance

And you cry

Now I watch my ancestors dance

As I fly


Fire into the sky this night

Sparks into the ether

Firmament it sucks the light

Like some wicked creature

Constellations wheel now ever slow

Are you there?

The errant star that slides from pole to pole

And you stare


Born on gilded wings as in a trance

This thing

Now I watch my ancestors dance

And I sing


                                MASTER STRANGE


Sometimes I feel

You’re so unreal to me

Awake in the night

Burning so bright I see

A red star burning far away

A vision that I grasp and cast away

I hear a voice it says

These are the days

Master Strange



Out on the tiles

Counting the miles I go

Enter the verse

The truth is the first to show

And so this long day’s journey into night

Burning down I’m turning out the light

The phonograph it plays

These are the days

Master Strange


                                                I NEVER WOULD HAVE BROUGHT YOU FLOWERS


I’m reading Palahniuk

And feeling oh so clever

Sometimes I don’t know what he is trying to say

I never would have brought you flowers

If I’d known that you would feel this way


Passing by the miles

Never ending

The pictures on the billboards turn to faded blue

I never would have brought you flowers

If I’d known that you were leaving too


The willows and the rushes

How they whistle

The flute song that I thought I heard the piper play

I never would have dreamed the dream

If I had known that I would wake today


I’ll be waving from the train

That leaves tomorrow

I don’t believe I ever had a chance to say

I never would have brought you flowers

If I’d known that you would feel this way


                                CHEMICAL EYES


Between the juggernauts and bankers

The clowns who play their parts

They’re merely actors in this photoplay of life

Philosophers and reapers

Of the benefits we give

They are the keepers of our days and of our time


‘Cos we are one

In our decision

We’re apt to take these wings and learn to fly

It’s come undone

Your religion

Chemical Eyes


Take away the riches

Stake and burn like witches

Any dissident who dares to call you out

Sweeping appropriations

From the church that is all nations

From your ivory towers I hear the “learned” shout



It is on your lips

The inconvenient truth it sits outside

It’s come undone

Your religion

Chemical Eyes



You were yourself

But you were someone else

You were the voice

But you were just white noise

You were the light

The morning washed into my eyes

The fire



I like to dance in my wheelchair

I love you most when you’re not there

I show it off just to keep from prying eyes

I like to paint but I’m colorblind

I would not wait if I had the time

Show it all but it’s always in disguise


You were today

But that was yesterday

You were romance

You were the naked dance

You were the view

The path that takes me way down to

The wire



Now it’s good bye, we’ll say hello sometime

A keeper of fate

Knock, knock, knock, knocking at the western gate

A tenant of space

Soprano in the rat race schoolboy choir





Heading down

Time is wasting

The ship of fools

Kills intellectuality

With golden rules



Ask me no questions

I’ll tell you no lies

Snows of untethered wilderness

Blinds your eyes


It’s so hard to do due diligence

Try  to make it all make sense

It must be so

‘Cos Google says it is so

The reality though, is that it bites

When ignorance wins and turns out the lights

And leaves your vehicle stranded

On a by-road

And we call it good?






Genius is

A rabbit’s foot

I don’t care

That now you look away

And left me here

To stay


Now I’m feeling the vibrations

Spatial sensations

Of heady aspirations

Compelled emancipation

Is it too late for us to play?

Seek and hide




It just keeps on going

Like a river it is flowing

To the sea and never knowing


Or is it growing?

Does it show you where to hide?




In steady steps we fall from grace

As we trip the light fantastic race

Never seemed so out of place

If I could only save some face

Maybe leave something behind

Leave something behind