LIVE (2014)

It_Wakes_the_Morning- Live at the Darress Theatre (10.18).mp4

Amsterdam-Live_at_the_Darress Theatre.mp4



Garden_Party (8.23.14)_.mp4 

This was an ad we made for the upcoming Darress Theatre show.

It was an impromptu gig played in our back garden for  a few friends and neighbors

that we edited down into a four minute clip.

The sound is from the live feed of the cameras (including crickets chirping)


Formaldehyde (live at the Darress).mp4


 Tracys_Blues_.mp4  Our tribute to Jaco Pastorius and his work "Portrait of Tracy".

Recognizing that some things we lose we are lucky enough to find again.

Featuring Enrique mancia on bass guitar.

New songs from the  live shows, featuring

Andrew Pearson on vocals & guitar synths

Szabolcs Szenasi on drums & sampler

Enrique Mancia on bass & Moog




Backdrop video for The Timekeeper's Waltz