Entre Las Americas (2012)


Third International


Just gotta love 'em. Get wrapped up in 'em. Live for 'em.    .........and for get about what's real.



You see it, in a store window

You see it, in your mind’s eyes

You see it, at a friend’s house

You want it, you don’t know why


You see it, over and over

You see it, in magazines

You don’t know which way the wind blows

You don’t know why you dream


And so the paradoxic conclusion to your ambition

To gather more profusion

You will add to your collection

And I’ll look up to you

And maybe wish I’d been like you

‘Cos at the end of the day

You’re the king of the hill

What’ll I say?

Maybe I will


The one with the most toys wins


How do I

Come to know you?

How do I

Come to see?


Type your face value

Maybe you are just like me

Well I don’t know

I don’t know nothin’

I just feel


Why should you even listen?

You got the world at your feet