Entre Las Americas (2012)

The Edge

Third International


Originally titled 'THe Music at the Edge of the World", that mouthful got pared down to "The Edge". It's about a place in the highlands of Costa Rica, above the clouds, where time stops and in a moment you can be propelled outward, into the stars. Lost in the firmament.


                                                                                 THE EDGE                                   


Down in the hills south of here

There passes there a road some ride, some fear

“Cerro Del Muerte” there she stands

You ride it down through distant lands

Cartago, Three Kings

And into the sky, so high, it makes you sing

There you go, say hello, to San Isidro

El General es Jesus Cristo!




Never mind to look behind tonight

That is where the devils play, alright

The wildcat on the loose she fears to prowl

The howler monkeys, they don’t howl

And the Fer-De-Lance just sits and hides and waits

Me? I’m looking on down on the clouds amazed

In stardust powdered silence gaze

On heaven’s gate


And you hear the music

You listen to the music

You become the music at the edge of the world


Tomorrow, the the cool of the mist

Shatters as the morning sun burns its bliss

And kisses kiss prehistory once more

And the hills they shake and slide are torn

Carried down by the Portalon

Throw in my heart and watch drown for evermore


Bury me, bury me, bury me there one day

Toss my soul, throw it away

I’ll be your eyes, I will be one

I’ll keep watch, I’ll watch the sun

And from this place I’ll stand and face

The truth that when this life is done


You will hear the music

Listen to the music

You become the music at the edge of the world