Entre Las Americas (2012)


Third International


Ageing mule looks back on borderland life



It rolls down the jetway and hits on the run

I smell your diesel burned in the sun

Lost in a state of mired indecision

The faintest of hope keeps me carrying on

Kicked out of time, chased wild euphoria

Distant drums played and in the mirror we danced

The dance of the hours, the last action hero

He’s withered and grey, now he’s lost his romance

And he takes it slow

Way down low

You can call it Mexico


The cinco de mayo

In Nuevo Laredo

Down on the Rio Grande

Well the DEA lost their way

Down on the Borderland

Down in Mexico

If I get low

You can find me way down

In the ground


Truth and the stranger

Oil and the ice

I’ll catch you later

I won’t think twice

The mercy of shamans on the redeye tonight

Darkness vacated and the morning is bright

Preachers and outlaws and sinners and saints

All got the message and even those who ain’t

All make the journey as each one must

To the land of the spirits , and the diesel and the dust

Down in Mexico