Entre Las Americas (2012)

Ellis Island

Third International


Inspired by The Stairs of Separation, (on Ellis Island in New York harbor); the place where families were sometimes split up forever after their entry into the United States was processed.



On the steps of this great hall  

Families they were torn


For reasons that were known to few

I would lose sight of you

And I’d wonder

And in due, time, you, find

We have been, blind, to things so simple

You say of course, but no remorse

These are our shores, it’s elemental


I’ve laboured these past fifteen years

Swallowed pride and drowned my tears

A mad  dance

I’ve sailed across the cruel sea

 Left all that was dear to me

For this chance

Now you ask me to explain

 My purpose, what I hope to gain

It’s senseless

Treat me like a criminal

Charged with heinous capital


It’s what you call rational

But I stand tall

For this is my land

Now it’s been done

This welcome

It’s the sad song

Of Ellis Island


These are the powers now breaking the dawn

These are the houses that keep you warm

These are the dreams you once had in your sleep

These are fine raiments you get to keep

When you leave Ellis Island