Entre Las Americas (2012)


Third International


In the 1500s the Conquistadors landed on the northern coast of South America, exporting Catholicism and fealty to Queen Isabella. In exchange, indigents gave up their gold, silver and freedom, and got a centuries old tradition of military dictators. Caudillos.


                                                                   CAUDILLO                                          Jan 2011


It was out of the dawn light they sailed

Clutching sticks of fire they came

From Isabella’s lands

With words from the book of their good

On the beach at Cartagena we stood

And kissed their hands

And the night when the angels they came and they took us away

And the wax promises that they made to us on that day

Hooked on the lines

And the stories and rhymes

We were told


We had Caudillo

We had the sun


In the barrios, on the plains

In the temples grand and the jails

Lies heritage and hope

Confront this immaculate one

And I refuse to be gone

Or be controlled

As the Nazca lines in the hills have shown us

The mysteries of our time unfolds

Righteous now in their might

They own us


We have Caudillo

We have the sun


Now they have come for your sons and your daughters

The future is ours we are told in this dream

Darkened to black are the Amazon waters

They slash and they burn in the forests of green

But this day that you bring with your son

The white man

We lock away deep inside


Into the light of this brightening new life

We’ve been shown


We have Caudillo