Entre Las Americas (2012)


Third International


A comment on the way in which we infuse certain people with unwarranted powers. Our belief in mediaspeak gets questioned.




From Speaker’s Corner

To New York’s Washington Square


Everybody everywhere

Got solutions to it all

Me I’m mystified

How did we get so smart this day?
How did we realize?


It was the blue collar boys

From the local conservatory

Making medicine

With a minor celebrity

Talking up a storm

As they paint it white and black

Genesis reborn

If they could only turn the clock back

And Baba, he says

“Come with me”

Do what I do

See what I see


Don’t confuse me with the evidence

Or bore me with the facts

I got ‘em on the back foot

And I’m leading the attack

You might look like an elephant

I might look like a sheep

But they’re stealing from the working man

And subjugate the weak

And that’s you

That’s me


Now I feel like I’m a child

Who’ll never grow up

I feel my hope is distended

I think I’m stuck

I’m feeling lightweight and pointless

Wishful and guiless

Guilty with the truth

It’s a holiday I’ve been looking for

Since I’ve been watching you

Keep feeding me placebos

Tell me it’s a panacea

It’s like watching last night’s TV

The morning after just get me outta here


And Baba he cries

Come with me

Do what I do  See what I see

Baba he cries

“Close your eyes”

It ain’t a lie

If everybody lies

Baba he croons

His schadenfreude

Scripted lines in celluloid

Baba he says

“The only One”

Take him with you

He is my Son