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Third International release Entre Las Americas

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Third International– Entre Das Americas (CD) by Devin McAlister
Overall Rating: 5/5

I’ve always liked bands and artists that released concept albums. Bands like Queensryche, Rush, Genesis. Pink Floyd come to mind. Many of these albums move through your mind very much like a major motion picture would. Leading you by the hand and providing the listener with much in the way of musical drama and theatrics. At the end of the day I feel it only adds to the overall entertainment value. Third International is one modern band that is doing just that with their latest release entitled “Entre Las Americas”

“Entre Las Americas” which means “Between 2 Americas” and as you would expect this latest release goes into finite detail about the struggles between both worlds set to a musical theme. The look and sound of TI has a classic Progressive sound to it – very much like Primus, Pink Floyd, Radiohead combo. But just when you think you got TI pegged they throw in elements of Techno-Ambient rock which gives the CD a very theatrical feel. Pearson has the voice, look and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous and is clearly a force to be reckoned with. They have songs and lyrics that challenge your mind and spirit. They cut right to the chase and make the critical connection with the listener and there is a unique quality to this catalogue that breaks the mold from the mundane melodic rock that’s been filling the airwaves lately. Indeed TI has the tenacity to release a concept album in 2012. I’m here to tell you there are so many fans out there who are yearning for this kind of release right now. Musicianship across the board is rock solid. Band line-up includes Andrew Pearson (Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Vocals, Electronic Percussion, Sampling, Bill Foster (Bass), Adrian Harpham (Drums), and Dave Eggar (Cello). For those of you not familiar with Bill Foster, he has played with the likes of Govt. Mule, Black Crowes, Rufus Wainright, and Billy Cobham - need I say more.

My top tracks: “Toys” and “Baba” Equally as impressive is how marketable this band truly is to aedicated elite group of followers.URL/REVEBNATION – http://www.reverbnation.com/thethirdinternationalFinal Word “Entre Las Americas” by Third International is a powerful statement that holds nothing back. TI deserve respect and your full attention.



Third International, Entre Las Americas

May 9, 2012 | by Skope

Third International is attempting to bridge the gap between cultures of North America vs. South America on ‘Entre Las Americas’.  By way of politically & socially-conscious music, Third International is shedding some much needed light on all of the problems this world faces.  We can’t possibly fix all the world’s issues but we sure can try our best to knock out as many as possible right now!  With the help of Third International and their latest release ‘Entre Las Americas’, I do feel very confident that real CHANGE can happen and not that fake Obama “CHANGE” you may have heard of. 

“Ellis Island” MP3:

The brains behind this life-changing band is a man by the name of Andrew Pearson who handles vocals, guitars, guitar synthesizers, programming and songwriting.  Rounding out the Internationally-sound group are: Bill Foster on bass, Adrian Harpham on drums and Dave Eggar on cellos for tracks 1 & 3.  The material isn’t the only thing that speaks to the listener; you also have the fine instrumentation.  All eight songs on this album are 100% original with different elements hitting you from all directions.  Right from the start on “Ellis Island” I pick up on melodic vocals all to the tune of peaceful soundscapes.  The style of playing is definitely on the nice ‘n’ subtle side throughout most of the record.  On the song “Baba” you get a cool rock vibe to go along with urgent warnings about US Americans.  Get ready for a bit of a spiritual sense on “Living On The Sun” and then prepare to get a little funky on “Mexico”. 

There is so much hitting you here from the creative use of sound/effects to the deep-in-thought, atmospheric tunes and then throw in powerful messages that can impact this entire planet!  Pretty serious stuff here by Third International but all the while these musicians make it worth your while through catchy & informative numbers.  The appeal factor is there for sure so no need to worry people.  ‘Entre Las Americas’ should not be taken lightly and in turn should be treated as a real eye ‘n’ ear opener.  Either go for CHANGE and watch the Earth grow stronger OR sit back, complain & do nothing and watch this not-so-big planet crumble around US.  The choice is yours but in the meantime Third International serves up ‘Entre Las Americas’ as a solid starting point. 

By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com)







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Third International – Entre Las Americas 

By Michael Rand  //  Reviews  //  0 Comments

Third International – Entre Las Americanas

Written by Rory Richardson edited by Michael Rand 

This is Third Internationals second release to date entitled “Entre Las America” released in 2012 and certainly does not disappoint. Venture to the internet – it will reveal this is one artist (Andrew Pearson) who takes his songwriting craft pretty seriously.  A guitarist for nearly 30 years, he has performed with numerous greats over the years. Now on his own via this project: Third International he brings his expertise along with several impressive session players like himself: Andrew Pearson (Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Vocals, Electronic Percussion, and Sampling, Bill Foster (Bass),AdrianHarpham (Drums), and Dave Eggar (Cello).

The opening track “Ellis Island” sets the stage perfectly for this CD. It was a great intro piece that stuck in my head and had me eager for what was ahead. All in all the whole CD (presented as musical themes) is brilliantly delivered with dark and foreboding musical textures and flowing compositions that covers allot of ground. Musical overtones reminded me a bit of the usual suspects: Peter Gabriel, ELP, Yes, and Van De Graaf Generator. and many more guitar greats out there I need not mention. There are some fantastic pieces on this CD which gives this musical production a very accessible feel full of mystery.  Pearson’s guitar playing is brilliant and I would describe his style as filled with musical indulgence and experience. Favorite piece on the CD is a toss up between “Living on the Sun” and ‘Sunday Morning in the Mission.”  

CD is a bit short with only 8 songs.

If there was one word I would use to describe Third International it would be diversified. This CD will simply make your day more entertaining, but beware Third International is one artists not so easily pinned down comparable to a musical chameleon. It’s a musical experience you will return to again and again – picking out something you may have missed the first time.


7/9/12/ Review/ The Entertainment Bank


Entre Las Americas (Third International)

Paul Anderson

After watching the Scorsese film “Surviving Progress,” and listening to Third International's "Entre Las Americas,"’I can say with all honesty that I have now heard a musical group that asks the same questions about what we are up against everyday. Third International thinks about the purpose of where we’re going, or why we’re being ‘moved’ there. Third International challenges what’s going on. Also, I have to give them props before delving into the first tune because I checked their store out (link is on the bottom), and they were charging $1.29 per song. As a musician, I say bravo to that! Singles were .99 cents in the 1960’s! These guys show realistic changes other musicians would do well to consider for real independent progress. Now on to the CD!

Third International features Andrew Pearson (vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Bill Foster (bass), Adrian Harpham (drums), and Dave Eggar (cello on 2 songs). “Ellis Island” is a great song that starts on a 16th note pulse of analog sound, very understated synthesizer pads of warm waves of sound, a cool guitar, and cello. The vocals speak of the dreams of millions, with an interesting Simon and Garfunkel sparse harmony, fretless electric bass (yes I’m hearing those cool Jaco-like octaves), and very clever use of minimal textures of hand claps and snare that all fit in a unique way. 

“Baba” begins with the clever use a sample of Barack Obama saying “This is simple math,” as the bass and guitar lay down a unison line that rides over a drum groove that has the “Louie Louie” feel. Andrew is very good at blending layers of electric textures and washes of sounds, playing great changes fit the lyrics of how people are subjugated. The lead vocals have a delivery that is classic rock sound like Radiohead, and yet you can dance to this song while getting a reality check at the same time.

I like it when a band goes outside of the box, and when they depart from the reliable beats of 2 and 4 to a 3 beat waltz. “Living On The Sun” fades in like a movie coming into focus with echoing guitars, and poetic lyrics “Dark is the day where the dream shadows play” that will entice you to listen more than once. There are beautiful soundscapes built with guitar synthesizer, and solid drums from Adrian Harpham. The melody will remind listeners of a Celtic folk song with a simple sing song background overdubbed by Pearson, and the cello fills in with nice lyrical lines, weaving with electric guitar. I think they pulled this one off well.

“Caudillo” reflects on the past as the Spaniards arrived, and the changes they brought to the original people of the land. There's a spiritual reflection of greatness to be found here. The rally cry is “We have Caudillo” (pronounced Cal-deeyo). There is a lot of heart in this song. The vocals swirl over each other repeating that line, as well as the acoustic guitar, and I was actually smiling at the single conga hit on beat 4, with a shaker and a nice laid back drum beat. The fretless electric bass has a great resounding chorus effect, Andrew Pearson does a great job layering his backgrounds and using interesting reverse electric guitar washes of sound. On some level, I found the song to be comforting.

“Mexico” is a garage band sounding groove, with a funky slide guitar, and serious cool attitude from the bass. Wah guitars, and the vocals sing of flying to Mexico. I like the way Pearson writes his lyrics to tell a poetic mixture of image and attitudes like Donald Fagen. The guitar solo is not too busy on the tail end.

Third International is not afraid to use electronics, samples, and bass and drums to craft their music, and this makes for an interesting CD. The sound is original, the mentality is cool. This was an album that I definitely enjoyed





on 2012-06-21 Michael_Morrison Said:

Most would agree most popular artists out there have something truly special to give to their fans. This goes above the typical attributes like raw talent, amazing songs, nice voice, or even a very marketable look, sound and image. There's something truly infectious at the core of these artists that simply makes us feel good when we listen to them. Whatever "it" is - they all seem to have "it".

Today I listened to the latest CD from Third International featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Andrew Pearson (Entre Las Americas – 2012). From start to finish this CD from TI is very pleasurable and entertaining. It has a very melodic, catchy marketable progressive-pop rock feel to it and even dabbles in Alternative Rock. Any fans of any of these musical styles will enjoy this latest release from Third International. It's clearly marketed for those who like a male singer front with a mystique of say Radiohead, Yes and even some Tool. I get the impression Pearson and company are rolling with what they know as performers and songwriters within all these songs. In other words they hit the mark remarkably well by just being who they are. Favorite tracks include (Ellis Island), (Mexico) and (Toys). All songs strike the perfect balance between rock, alternative rock and progressive singer/songwriter pop. The songwriting is impressive and digs a bit deeper than the next Independent Artist. Within each one of these songs Pearson bares his soul and delivers pure musical mojo. I will add Mr. Pearson can play the guitar quite well and reminds me of Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd). He plays and sings with much in the way of passion and precision. Playing from other band members is spot on and just makes the whole CD even more enjoyable. The overall vibe of the production is very melodic, progressive and unpredictable. I also enjoyed the whole underlying theme of the production as well - very much like a Robert Ludlum spy novel.

In close Entre Las Americas by Third International fronted my musical mastermind Andrew Pearson is extremely compelling and fascinating. Once again I'm not so sure what "it" is but Andrew Pearson and Third International have whatever "it" may be.

Michael Morrison

(UK) West Lothian, Scotland





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Andrew Pearson – Third International Project

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Artist: Third International
Album: Entre Las Americas
Label: Independent Artist

About the Artist: This latest CD “Entre Las America” (2012) from Andrew Pearson project Third International. Pearson hails from New Jersey and is making a name for himself around the world with this his second release. Additionally Pearson has a plethora of musical experience and a red hot band backing him up along the way.

Review: “Entre Las Americas” is one release that certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is one artist that brings to the table effective songwriting with an amazing yet passionate vocal delivery meshed with a superlative Alternative Rock sound. Pearson even touches on Classic to Progressive popular in thr UK in the late seventies. This CD is quite entertaining with infectious vocal persona coupled with impressive well-crafted guitar chops and top tiered musicianship. Overall this was an emotional journey which will have you listening on the edge of your seatAll in all – all songs are wonderfully simple but masterful in their overall arrangements. Music reminded me of a cross between Genesis, Yes and Alan Parsons Project. There are some fantastic moments on this CD which gives Pearson an amazing feel emotionally when connecting with a cult fanbase. What’s more, the musicianship Pearson and company deliver is as good as they get within this genre. Kudos goes out to the amazing bass work of Bill Foster.

Conclusion: Andrew Pearson is clearly a very talented and capable songwriter/musician/artist. This latest CD kind of sucked me in. This usually indicates he is something special that is deserving of praise, recognition and above all musical fame at the international level.

Drew Blackwell edited by Cyrus Rhodes
Wellington, NZ.