They're at it again

So the "scientists" are now 95% sure man is causing the global warming we are enduring at present. (Are they less sure their research funds come because of, and not due to, their findings, I ask myself?) The interesting thing about the presentation on TV the other day was that the "expert" was demonstrating  an effect of a geological time scale on a chart that showed 40 years! (With no values on the x axis) Not to mention that any anomalies that would upset this carefully constructed conclusion were deftly omitted. And so we would all bow in the face of talking heads and hand over our tax dollars to those better qualified to spend it for us on bogus projects that have shown no value.


I am not ignorant.

I question the very self appointed position of expertise the scammers claim.

Now I realize this is viewed by many as simply denial-in-the-face-of-overwhelming-evidence, but the fact is the only thing about the evidence quoted is the promotional blitz with which it is offered. There are many varying views on global warming causes, but the administration and all those who benefit from research into the effects of man made global warming would have us believe there is only one. Theirs.


There are serious flaws in the data being used at present; the most glaring being the attempt to shoehorn a century's worth of data into a timescale of millennia. When it doesn't fit, or when data points are shown to be falsified (Norwich University scandal, UK), they are conveniently suppressed and forgotten.

This is simply another example of the masses refusing to engage in critical thinking, satisfying themselves with what is most palatable. Do so at your own risk.