They sold their souls to the devil

Only it was called God.

This entry is about the Republican Party in the US of A. The representatives of corporate greed, big business interests so we are told by CNN), Right to Lifers, Guns, and most of all GOD. They are the party that claims the direct line and has HIS ear. Frankly, that's what scares most people off them I think. We are all (I hope) wise enough to realize that a politician is a politician is a politician, and so will bow to interests that coin him/her votes. (For those of you that don't believe this, our populist saint Obama outspent his opponent in the last election. HE was the one coining in more $ for his promotional campaign). There are nominal differences of opinion, in different places and people, regarding our views on when life starts and whether having a firearm is a wise choice, but these are the differences that make a society, and they are not going away. But one thing centrists like myself and a huge majority of Americans cannot, and will not embrace, is the idea that a politician has divine authority. We leave that the cooks in Iran.

And so it is that the Republican Party dooms itself with the lead weight of divine mandate around its neck. Most of the younger readers of this blog will only ever associate the two (God & Republicans), but a little political history is in order here, because true republicans (like myself) do not condone this association. This party has been hijacked by religious freaks, and I want it back!

In the days of its creation (when the republicans were actually known as Democrats) the likes of Alexander Hamilton championed the freeing of slaves, egalitarianism and had no time for a church infested congress. Meanwhile so called "liberals" like Jefferson were screwing their slaves and embracing the bloodthirstiness of the French Revolution, which was chalking up 30 decapitations a day thanks to Madame Guillotine. As recently as 1940, the republicans were the party still least compromised by the church. But then came a shot at getting FDR out of office by grabbing the Southern Democrat vote for their candidate, Wendell Wilkie, a fiscal conservative aware of the failings of the "New Deal" and the man who could try to get America out of debt without going to war. The only problem was, the Southern Democrats were bible totin' zealots.

And so the deal with the devil was made. The G.O.P. became the part of god. They got the Southern Democrats to back their boy. And they still lost. It was a stupid mistake, politically, because it lost more than it gained. It alienated moderates for the benefit of acquiring a smaller number of "God-on-our-side" voters.

They remain this way today and unless there is a break from the mould, a thinker outside the box, a TRUE Republican who believes in the freedoms of mankind, the limits of government, and most of all, the right to choose one's destiny and accept responsibility for it, they are doomed. Doomed by the voters. Doomed to have idiot representatives. Doomed to extinction.

I am a True Republican, and I don't believe in God.