I will say this once. No good can come of a U.S. involvement in the atrocities precipitated by their government's reaction to "Arab Spring". The movement is shaping up to be a consummate failure, leaving power vacuums to be filled by military dictators as in Egypt. But perhaps that was the expectation all along. The Arab culture of the Middle East has produced no lasting middle class, no developed sense of civics, and displays an undue need to hold on to tribal ties at the expense of a respect for property values and the rule of law. Hence, dictators exist. The proletariat was excited into removing some, and this is one of many violent reactions to this move. The cycle will repeat ad nauseum until fundamental behavior changes, and this will take putting Islam back in a manageable box. It will be a cold day in hell before that happens and so I say, Mr.Obama: If you believe we should die for the replacement of one fanatic by another, and jeopardize our homeland in the process by fuelling terrorist ideals with our meddling, then you be the first one on the front line to catch the first bullet.

It will make a great photo op. no?