Songs of the Doomed

This is wonderful. We didn't meet Apocalypto in that "End of Days" thing the Mayans got all wrong. We approached the "fiscal cliff", teetered  a little and then swooned at the quick dodge Washington pulled that allowed for more procrastination while we run up our debts some more, and we can keep sipping martinis and ponder the f**king trade while the treasury goes up in smoke, having burned down from a fire caused by overheated money presses.

When I listen to the idiots quoting John Maynard Keynes' lunacy of wage earners paying taxes to allow the government to create jobs for wage earners to pay taxes to allow.... (you get it) I can't help channeling Hunter at this grim time. I hear a faint voice from somewhere beyond Woody Creek "Today's pig is tomorrow's bacon" it says. And I realize we'll be OK.