Phew...the year in all its gory/Get on with the music , off with the hype.

This was supposed to be the year of communicating!! My bad. The last few months have been the preparation for /recovery from THE GIG. For those of you not present it was at the Darress Theatre in Boonton New Jersey, and as we speak, videos are getting published for everyone to see. But that's bye the bye. More on that another time. It has been a wonderful journey with Szabolcs and Enrique suffice to say. Here's what just got my back up:

I just got through reading a self serving pseudo intellectual treatise called "Radiohead and Philosophy". Now many of you know I am a big fan of their music, Thom Yorke in particular. But the tired old corporate=BAD, individual=GOOD mantra that Marx wore out a century ago is getting new legs with these guys. (Newsflash Radioheaders: corporations are made up of INDIVIDUALS.) I get that they are flatly rejecting the industry of music (they had no choice, it died) and that their new found wealth feels uncomfortable, but what really gets me going is the carbon credit bandwagon they decided to hitch a ride on. Now my feelings about the pseudo science that has given rise to the vilification  of all things industrious under the moniker "man made global warming" is well known, and was the basis of the song Chemical Eyes. Radiohead, failing to do due diligence to my mind in this matter, hired consultants, computed a carbon footprint of  a touring schedule, and reworked their modus operandum to reduce said metric. This is all well and good. Noble, maybe (almost certainly) futile, but above all, A TOTAL FUCKING HYPOCRISY! Really Radiohead, if you want to replace your carbon footprint with something you feel comfortable with: Stay in Oxford, DO NOT TOUR, Play only acoustic instruments, and only at places no larger than the local pub (that way the fans' carbon footprint won't be of concern).

Best of luck with the house payments.