Met LIfe Arena

Ever wondered why all the sports arenas in this country are now owned by insurance companies? It's because they are the only form of business that has enough money to blow on this egotistical self promotion. And why is that you may ask? For one, we are lead to believe that we are naked and bare, our collective ass hanging over the great divide, if we do NOT buy insurance, and so are junkies to the cause. Second, Obamacare mandates that we buy health insurance now, so if we weren't on the drip before, we are now. And third, and most damning about our system, is that when the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1896 was put in place to specifically prevent monopolies in interstate commerce, it very deliberately omitted insurance companies from the roster of included businesses. So today,  117 years later, we have monopolies soaking us to death. We pay more per capita for normal, everyday health care than any other developed nation. So much for "FREE" markets eh? So when our republican representatives champion free enterprise, I say "LIARS!" The fact that neither party has attempted to take on the massive lobbying efforts of the insurance world just goes to show what whores we have elected in Washington, on both sides of the aisle.

WE need a sea change. Now.