Information overload

Something of which we are all too familiar. Anybody ever read David Foster Wallace's "Oblivion"?  A truly great writer. Almost autistic with his penchant for detail. He only wrote a couple of books (the aforementioned, The Broom of the System, and his opus, Infinite Jest) before he topped himself. No doubt overwhelmed by the plethora of bullshit, misinformation, euphemisms and metaphors-relayed-as-fact that pervade our tiny lives.

So why do I bring this up? Because it goes to the very core of why all my music, lyric, entertainment/whatever is out there. Because in order to survive we must disseminate, look beyond, make an effort to figure out.........WHAT is behind what's being peddled. To be overwhelmed by the fact that there is SO many lies is to accept defeat.

Truly, you or I most probably won't make a difference. But someone like us, trying the same thing,....will.

So my point is that we owe it to each other, to ourselves, to posterity, to keep asking the questions without expecting a canned answer.


It's OK.   We are just passengers after all.