Global Warming

This is due as the video of Chemical Eyes is imminent, and maybe a little explanation is in order. For starters, Nobel laureate and general all-around-good-guy Al Gore is an idiot. A dangerous idiot who portrays pseudo science as fact, ignoring any contrary historical data that would undermine his social engineering policy. It is my view, given the evidence at hand, that global warming is caused by fluctuations in sun temperature and is out of our control. Unmassaged historical data supports this. Correlations with Martian atmospheric data supports this. You may have a different opinion, but all I ask is that you look into it, taking information and not propaganda as source material, and make your own decision. The reason this is so important, and the reason Chemical Eyes was written, is that the agenda of the Al Gore's of this world is that of a social engineering construct, designed to redistribute wealth under the guise of saving the planet. Meanwhile, other terrible atrocities (decimation of our rain forests, over fishing of oceans, over populating the planet) continue unabated because they are not as an effective political tool. So Gore et. al. are guilty not only of dissipating efforts to make real ecological progress but also of dissipating man's creative engine and industry by attempting to artificially impose restrictions on these efforts. It goes to the whole core of Bolshevism and should be held up for what it is: A mean spirited, negative, regressive path, destined to fail at a great cost to us all.