Fiscal Cliff....Bring it on!

I am tired of the media dweebs and their doom and gloom scenario. It's as if they JUST  DON'T HAVE ANY NEWS. NO massacres. No new wars. Life must be so boring at CNN. These armageddons seem to come with amazing regularity. Let's not forget the end of the world as we know it, aka the crash of '08. What was that? I'll tell you: It was one big poker game, banks vs. taxpayers. We folded. Thw white house chose to "fix" the problem by printing money to the tune of more than 200% more than what was in circulation. Inflation hasn't hit yet, but when it does, watch out. And now we have this. The result. 

Not so very long ago our representatives, quite wisely, and in a bipartisan manner, realized that this uncontrolled spending would bankrupt the lives of our children, consigning them to a life of indentured servitude paying off the debt we are currently running up. (Note to children: that means much fewer opportunities, pay rates that don't buy you what you want, and no prospect in your lifetime of it getting better). So they said "On January 1st, 2013, it stops! We balance the budget." (Of course at the time these self serving white haired old geezers thought 1/1/13 was far enough in the future it could be ignored). So now it's time, and The White House isn't budging. Curious, because the people who will suffer the most are their long time supporters (Government employees, welfare cases, unemployed, workers of government sponsored industries (solar etc), the "liberal" imtelligentsia.) I would have expected Obama to have realized this was HIS fiscal cliff. The one which HE will fall over into the abyss of long lost useless politicians. But apparently not. Perhaps the hot air balloon he calls a head will allow him to float safely into the sunset. Truly, I think his ego is in the way of his negotiating sense, having just won a free pass for four more very dreary years.

I do not mean to point fingers at certain members of society, but let's face it: we can't support a government this size. We just don't have the money. I don't mean just Washington but all forms of government, right down to local, right into the police stations and schools, are too big. Sorry. (And no, the sacred cow of "more education=better standard of living has no correlation. On an individual basis perhaps, as a society absolutely not. e.g. Switzerland. Refrence: Anitfragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb). So teachers: Off the high horse please. Police? Let's legalize marijuhana and then we can cut the force by 20% and not bat an eyelid. Sorry cops, I know it's a soft touch busting that super dangerous couch potato armed with a joint and a bag of Doretos, but we can't afford you. And if you have been unemployed, in the USA fo 200 goddammned weeks and you still can't find a job, it's because you don't want one that pays little more than you are taking from me, the taxpayer, with no effort. Sorry, time to go to work. As Alexander Hamilton said "Work cleanses the soul" So get off your ass. WE need to care for our planet and nothing pollutes as bad as poverty. Look at the slums in Mexico City, Rio, Mumbai and you will immediately see it. So as much as clean energy is very desirable, and definitely an ultimate goal, sponsoring technology that does not work (i.e. has to be supported and is not cost efficient) is counter productive, as the market forces will eventually subsume the effort and all the money spent on sponsoring the failed businsses' development wasted. We cannot afford to waste it. We don't have it to waste. Your children do not.

Now it's not a free pass for the working stiff. I will get hammerd with an extra $10000 in new taxes (means I have to make an extra $15000 just to be where I am now) and that will be noticed. I will have to work harder. I will have to do without. This is a tough problem brought about by years of weakness on the part of politicians and the people, of living beyond our means, of not being responsible and caring for our future and our planet. But it is time to do it now, and major spending cuts are part of the solution.