Caudillos, and the history of our times

We just put up the video of "Caudillo" on the site the other day. It posted on Youtube today. The reason for the blog post is that I consider the lyrical content of the song to be important, and maybe it requires a little explaining.

Entre Las Americas was the album on which Caudillo first appeared last year (2012). It is a comparison of how, and why North America and South America evolved so differently. Given that they were both invaded by advanced forces at the same time, and given that South America had, arguably, more mineral and agricultural wealth, the differing results have been startling.

Caudillos, as any student of political history knows, are the dictators that have become so prevalent in Central and South America. They have, to a man, been ruthless and bloody. Some propelled by socialism, some by imperialism, all by totalitarianism. Most by good intentions. The proletariat has been the loser.

I see a cycle that has been unbroken in the sub continent's history. Centralized power leads to corruption. This leads to a populist rebellion. This leads to extreme socialism which bankrupts the society, opening the door for marshall law and a military dictatorship. This creates centralized power once more. The cycle repeats.

The big question is: Why did this not happen in North America? What was different?

My belief is that the secularism that accompanied the North American settlers empowered the individual to a point where he/she was not going to give the Catholic Church, or the appointed political leader bowing to the Catholic Church, (or any other religious body for that matter) enough leeway to become an absolute force. I believe it is all traceable back to this view on where religion belongs in a society. I believe we have living proof of this today.

I give you this poem.