Beautiful Accident (2010)

The Timekeeper's Waltz

Third International


The song was originally released as a track on an EP entitled "Pulp Generators", featuring myself, Cal Sarsfield on Keyboards, and Andy Rubbo on drums. It received significant airplay in 1998. That version was faster. This one has a slightly slower, more driving beat to it, and of course, Ian McDonald's blazing sax solo.

The lyrics suggest that each person's view is his own and essentially different from everyone else'. There is much to complain about but at the end of the day, if we were given another chance, most would take it. (On the original version there was a voice at the beginning and end that sang: Take me 'round again).

It is the opening track of Beautiful Accident, and as such, must make the opening statement of the subtext. Beautiful Accident is also  chronology of important events in the 20th century. The first of which is Einstein's redefinition of time.