Beautiful Accident (2010)

The Reprise

Third International


The Reprise is fully titled "In the Garden of the Long Pig-Reprise", but that was a bit of a mouthful. In "Long Pig" we take a journey into the Amazon rainforest only to discover our guide is more enamoured with the trappings of civilization than the natural splendour of his habitat. In "Reprise" we bring him into our jungle....New York City. The epicenter of the known universe as we call it. The jungle of mankind. Where everyone in your building is from a different country and is of a different race, Where  bullshit is not tolerated and life moves at the speed of opportunity. The place where, in the end, we will figure IT out first. And it's home.

The song saunters along like a late night stroll, different ethnic instruments are synthesized, street sounds sampled, and Ian McDonald's free blowing sax evokes memories of buskers off 6th Avenue.