Beautiful Accident (2010)

In the Garden of the Long Pig

Third International


The ever shrinking world and the clash of vultures actually became the thrust of our second album, but this song was the first run at it. A group of New York eco-tourists head south for an Amazon vacation, and meet up with their guide, only to find he is proud of the very things they came to escape. But for all the slick trappings, there is a resentment at the theft of the simple life. (Long pig is a cannibal term for human meat).

The world shrank after WW2. Long range air transportation, radio and TV, global communications, all sought to throw vastly different cultures together. The century had come of age.

This is just the three piece on this track, myself, Bill Foster and Nick DiFrisco (and a lot of Buddy Guy in my head). Blues for the modern man.