Andrew Pearson Third International - Architect

 It's been a long road from the blues boom of the 60s in England when I was a kid, through touring Europe  and playing the London clubs to emigrating to the States and building a life here. I toured with some big names in the 70s (Henry Gross was one...we had the hit single Shannon) and did sessions in NYC. Toured with my own little act (The Andrew Pearson Band) and saw the farthest reaches of the northeastern winters with the likes of James Cotton and Muddy Waters. We were featured on the Max's Kansas City volume 2 album and were a regular feature there, when the likes of Bowie and Warhol were populating the downstairs bar and NYC's version of punk was being born above, in that railroad tunnel of a black room on Park Avenue South that was Max's.

After a decade of touring I was tired and out of ideas. I quit. Built another career and left music, my first love, for many years. A late night phone call in 2010 from my long time friend and muse, Dia Stein, brought me back. The first album of The Third International (as we were to be called) featured Ian McDonald (King Crimson, Foreigner) on woodwind, Nick DiFrisco on drums and Bill Foster (ex Billy Cobham) on bass. It was called Beautiful Accident and was the first in the trilogy. Further recordings with changing lineups were to follow: Entre Las Americas (second album in the trilogy), Chemical Eyes (single), Ides (4 song DVD compilation) and Formaldehyde (single) have made up the steady flow of material I have offered my listeners. 2015-2016 winter's release of the 11 song CD O.B.L.I.V.I.O.N. , produced by myself and Brian Battersby, marked the last in the trilogy. One Boy's Life In Vertical Illusion (Opus Nexus) is a fitting, personal end to the story, and a beginning to another one. The musicians joining me on O.B.L.I.V.I.O.N. were Sazabolcs Szenasi on drums and Enrique Mancia on bass. After its release, critical acclaim and a dearth of decent performing offers I decided to retire the band and accept that rock, live rock, is truly dead; or a least the domain of the ancient who do not travel very far for new entertainment. I took a couple of ideas we had been working on and with the help of producer Brian Battersby created the EP "The Business End" (2016) which was an experimental House effort of which I am very proud. I will be creating new website for an acoustic set consisting of far ranging styles, (not all my own by any means) which I am developing.


Stay tuned

Andrew Pearson February 2017